Kansas City Aikido School Fees
Monthly dues for all members $25.00 per month
Mat fee for visitors $5.00 per visit
Annual Membership Dues (Covers USAF, MAF and MAC)
New members and 5th kyu $30.00 per year
3rd and 4th kyu $40.00 per year
2nd and 1st kyu $50.00 per year
yudansha $60.00 per year
Test Fees (paid to host dojo)
Kyu tests $5.00 per test
Dan tests $10.00 per test
Certificate Fees (paid to MAF)
5th kyu $20.00 per test
4th kyu $30.00 per test
3rd kyu $30.00 per test
2nd kyu $40.00 per test
1st kyu $40.00 per test